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  • Gas Boiler Replacement - Page 2 — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    Obviously, because replacing a gas boiler with another gas boiler is not a 'green' solution, although it may be slightly more efficient to run. But it's still burning fossil fuel. And at the moment a dam site cheaper to run with gas as low as 2.31p khw. 0. « 1 2 ».Get Price

  • Plumbers not turning up - Mike the Boilerman

    He waited in all day but the engineer neither turned up nor called to say he couldn't make it. What an unnecessary waste of time (and a day's holiday) for him - there are no excuses in my view for that heating engineer, whoever he was. There's not a lot more to say on this subject except that if you book me, I'll turn up.Get Price

  • Boiler Replacement - Carers UK Forum

    2019/4/12 · Hi I am the main carer for my disabled brother who lives with me. My boiler is very old and I am looking to replace it. I have heard there may be a grant I could apply for? Does anyone know how to go about this? Many thanks.Get Price

  • The £5000 green deal grant - Page 2 - Homes, Gardens and DIY - …

    2020/7/22 · Replacing it for improved efficiency has a payback period equivalent to the life span of a new boiler. So it will soldier on til it either becomes uneconomical to repair or a …Get Price

  • Boiler replacement - Council/Housing Assoc. - Page 2 — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    2018/11/21 · I suppose that in the event the engineer reports the boiler as unsafe and cannot be fixed the boiler will be replaced. The replacement of boilers will be covered by the energy performance certificate related to the property. From April 2018 it will be illegal to let a property with an EPC rating below "E'. 0.Get Price

  • Am a carer and need a new boiler - help wanted urgently! -Carers UK Forum

    2014/1/10 · I followed your link onto but it seems you have to have a disability or a child under 16 - neither of which I have. My boiler is a Potterton and very old! It was in the flat and already old when I bought the flat in 1999 - but I …Get Price

  • Plumbers not turning up - Mike the Boilerman

    He waited in all day but the engineer neither turned up nor called to say he couldn't make it. What an unnecessary waste of time (and a day's holiday) for him - there are no excuses in my view for that heating engineer, whoever he was. There's not a lot more to say on this subject except that if you book me, I'll turn up.Get Price

  • Tenant broken boiler, refusing me access to check it - Page 2 - Homes, Gardens and DIY - PistonHeads UK | Cars for Sale | Car News | Motoring Forum

    2021/1/9 · It was 2 month, but since Covid they have to be 6 month in arrears before you can start the process. "We have made regulations extending the provisions of …Get Price

  • Ideal Logic Boiler Wiring Diagram - Wiring View and Schematics …

    Ideal Logic Boiler And Hive Query Page 2 Moneysavingexpert Forum Ideal logic combi 24 wiring diagram hive 2 help with 30 and please c30 to diynot combination boiler heating zones classic rs 50 4 code esp1 38 35 pump overrun forums tado thermostat page 1 Get Price

  • Some sockets not working? | DIYnot Forums

    2017/1/2 · But I noticed that 2 hall wall sockets, 4 sockets in the living room, 2 in the bedroom, 2 in the 2nd bedroom were not working, but all the other sockets in the house were ok. The boiler was not working as the socket it was plugged into was not working so I used an extension cable and plugged the boiler into a socket that was working and Get Price

  • NEED New Boiler, Cant Get Credit - HELP - Page 2 — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    2017/2/16 · I rent a boiler from them, they installed a brand new boiler a couple of years ago when mine was on the blink, and I pay £25.00 per month. When I had my old boiler I was paying £20.00 per month insurance for servicing, repair etc.Get Price

  • Hive Receiver Wiring Diagram - Wiring Diagram

    2018/10/8 · Hive Receiver Wiring Diagram. By Admin | October 8, 2018. 0 Comment. Hive wiring diynot forums dual reciever combi boiler tz uk on worcester bosch greenstar 25 si or 30 for a logic if anyone wants advice gas central heating boilers feel free to ask page 210 avforums not communicating with any sparks trying wire in new thermostat 2 homes gardens Get Price

  • British Gas Fixed Price Boiler Repair Google Search

    Interestingly it wasn't that easy to find the British Gas 'fixed' price boiler repair option using Google. Search Google for "British Gas Fixed Price Boiler Repair" including the "speech marks" and there isn't even a British Gas article SPECIFICALLY targeting "Fixed Price Boiler Repair", this service doesn't exist, at least not in a way I'd consider it fixed price.Get Price

  • Boiler repair ripoffs - Page 2 — MoneySavingExpert Forum

    2012/12/21 · I do not think £150 to £200 for a simple repair is fair. I do not think £79 just to spend half an hour checking a boiler is fair. (£79 for half an hour's work! I wishnice money if you can get it) At that rate all would have to do is work 2 or 3 hours and I'd be over the moon.Get Price

  • Gas and electricity, boilers and energy efficiency - British Gas - …

    Boiler and Controls Central Heating Our insurance features Our insurance features 10 11 What's not covered Damage caused by limescale, sludge or other debris, if we've told you before that you need to carry out repairs, improvements or a British Gas Powerflush, or aGet Price

  • Boiler Replacement by British Gas £3700 - Page 2 — …

    2009/1/24 · The boiler is being positioned in a different place than the original so the quote includes extending water and gas pipework by approx 5 metres. I was given a breakdown and the British Gas 330+ boiler is quoted as £2400 which checking the price of boilers onlineGet Price

  • British Gas HomeCare excess rip-off - Page 2 — …

    2020/4/1 · I had one repair completed (that is, my boiler was not working and was fixed) requiring one visit and two parts replaced for which BG tried to charge two excesses. Having challenged it they eventually agreed to withdraw one excess and I have now paid an excess of £99.00.Get Price

  • Ideal Boiler, microbore, power flush | DIYnot Forums

    2008/1/21 · The two Ideal engineers say the system is sludged up and needs a power flush. They say the boiler fails because no water is getting through the system and the boiler overheats and then fails. one engineer removed what i think was the a copper central heating 'in' pipe (might be wrong, my knowledge of this kind of thing is zero) he put his Get Price

  • Boiler leaking from the heat exchanger, fixable? - Page 2 — …

    2017/10/25 · 1) Isolate power supply to boiler. 2) close heating return valve, heating outflow valve and mains inlet valve. 3) ensure Auto air valve cap at top of boiler is open. 4) attach hose to drain valve and run hose to suitable drain. 5) open drain valve and allow water to flow out.Get Price

  • Best boiler cover: from under £3/month, compare to save – MSE - MoneySavingExpert…

    Cover is available from under £3/mth for boiler-only cover, and from £5/mth for boiler and central-heating cover. We've limited feedback on uSwitch's comparison tool, so if you do use it, please let us know how you got on in the boiler insurance forum discussion. Try it*.Get Price

  • Re-positioning Boiler | Screwfix Community Forum

    2013/8/26 · If you have a balanced flue and the boiler is less than 7kw, then 300 mm is the minimum distance. If it's between 7kw and 14 kw then it's 400mm minimum distance. If however it's over 14kw then the minimum distance is 600mm . Perhaps you should let us know what sort of boiler you have. joinerjohn1, Aug 25, 2013.Get Price

  • Rules for construction of power boilers. (Journal, magazine, …

    Get this from a library! Rules for construction of power boilers.. [American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Boiler Code Committee.; American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Committee. Subcommittee on Power Boilers.;]Get Price

  • moving a boiler. but not far! cost? | DIYnot Forums

    2012/11/30 · I would get a new boiler and get and external boiler therefore it won't be in the house at all. Much better keeping the noise and smell outside. Otherwise the boilers not for moving. for the next 20 years.Get Price

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